Texas emergency responders free dog trapped in truck’s undercarriage

Police, firefighters and animal control officers responded to a Texas home where a man’s German shepherd climbed into the undercarriage of his truck and got stuck.

The Lufkin Police Department said the 2-year-old dog, named Booger, had apparently become spooked by overnight storms and sought shelter in the undercarriage of owner Roger Grimes’ truck.

Grimes told authorities he went looking for Booger and found the canine’s tail sticking out from under the pickup truck. Booger had climbed up into the undercarriage and was unable to free himself.

Police responded with the Lufkin Fire Department and local animal control officers to free Booger.

The responders had to remove the front driveshaft and sway bar from under the truck and an animal control officer sedated Booger because the frightened dog was attempting to bite his rescuers.

Booger was removed from under the truck and firefighters replaced the driveshaft and sway bar.

Grimes said Booger was not injured and is doing well at home.