Florida women use mop to eject baby alligator from inside home

A pair of Florida women used a Swiffer mop to try to eject a baby alligator that invaded a home and documented the experience in a live-streamed video.

Sazan Powers said her neighbor, Erika Venza, had left the sliding glass door open at her home in Wesley Chapel, just outside of Tampa, and her dog alerted her just before noon that there was an invader inside the house.

Venza discovered the 1-foot alligator wandering around inside the house and called Powers for backup.

Powers streamed the experience on Facebook Live as she and Venza attempted to use a Swiffer mop to usher the reptile back out of the house. The women used empty TV boxes to barricade the alligator and prevent it from wandering further into the home.

The women said it took about 20 minutes to get the alligator to go back out of the house through the sliding door.