Independent autopsy suggests negligence in death of Honduran migrant to US.

Roxsana Hernandez, a Honduran transgender migrant, is thought to have died at the New Mexico ICE detention centre due to negligence. The 33-year-old trans-sexual is also believed to have received “inadequate medical treatment” for her HIV related complications’ from the staff working at the detention centre leading to her death. According to an independent autopsy report, Andrew Free, Civil rights attorney in Tennessee, thinks to have found evidence of her abuse.

According to Andrews findings from the independent autopsy report on 27th November 2018, Roxsana Hernandez had a deep bruise at her ribs but not evident from the outside. She also had severe injuries around her wrist joint caused by the handcuffs while her back had contusions. The Independent autopsy suggests negligence in death of Honduran migrant to US.

Though the Immigration Authority at ICE detention released a statement claiming the allegations were false; further proof points to her cause of death being complications relating to HIV, unusually severe dehydration due to lack of water and care while in custody. Besides the obvious physical abuse Roxsana Hernandez faced, ICE shifts the blame to the Cibola County Detention Centre transgender Unit in Milan, New Mexico. Since the trans gender’s death in May, Andrew Free has tried working with various federal agencies and Hernandez’s family collecting evidence for her justice.

The California-based Transgender Law Center is another system Free uses to get justice for Hernandez, in mind of all other transgenders who endure the same fate. As an asylum seeker during the spring, Hernandez arrived on a publicised caravan in Central American, United States. On arriving she was taken to San Diego in custody and later to El Paso, Texas before a transfer to western New Mexico, Cibola County Detention Centre.

Hernandez’s stay at these different locations contributed to her illnesses later taken to Albuquerque hospital and died on 25th May 2018. According to the federal authorities, she had pneumonia symptoms along with HIV complications and severe dehydration. The Medical Investigator at the New Mexico Office, however, says an official autopsy is being conducted and yet to be released, with the possibility of medical negligence claims in cases such as this being a clear possibility.

Done by a pathologist in Georgia and the former State’s Chief Medical Examiner, Kris Sperry, the independent autopsy is thought to give an interesting insight into Hernandez’s death. Hernandez’s photos released to the media portray her as jovial talking to her friend in Tijuana, Mexico only to become the sixth ICE detainee to die in custody. According to ICE medical professionals, they claim Hernandez had untreated HIV history with the hospital personnel confirming she didn’t suffer any physical abuse. Additionally, the Cibola County detention centre is the country’s only pod for trans women having the highest asylum seekers.

The advocates also state LGBTQ immigrants like Hernandez have a prolonged stay at the solitary confinements and detention centres. According to the government data, sexual assault to trans genders also increases by up to 97 times, which may or may not have contributed in Hernandez’s condition and death.